Santapaws and Mrs Santapaws Photos are Up!

Santapaws photo sessions are off to a great start! From placid poser beauty queens to nervous Nellies who only have eyes for their mums to Harley the whirlwind who we could only get ONE precious photo of, it’s been a great weekend and so, so much fun.

We would like to thank our truly amazing Santa, Eimear. We had an unscheduled switch from Eimear playing Santapaws on Saturday to Eimear playing Mrs Santapaws on Sunday after one off our photo subjects had a bit of a piddle on Santa’s leg, but she’s a great sport and the dogs just love her no matter how she’s dressed 😀 We asked her to be our Santapaws because she is so wonderful with all kinds of dogs, from the crazy friendly to the terribly shy, and the photos show it.

And 579 photos, 44 dogs, 6 hours of shooting and 8 hours of editing later, the first of our Santapaws photos are up!

As of now, both the 1st and 8th of December are sold out but there are spots for the 16th!