About Us

Meet the Woof Hampers Crew

From big to small, the resident dogs at Woof Hampers HQ take their professional duties seriously. They can usually be found testing treat dispensers for durability and treats for deliciousness; chasing and chewing balls and rope toys; carrying, loving on and squeaking soft toys; and hosting the very poshest of canine tea parties.

In size order, our beloved Woof Crew is made up of:

  • Tiny the Giant Leonberger-Alike: Tiny is a rescue dog and the Official Sponsorship Ambassador for DAWG, his rescue organisation. Despite masquerading as a Leonberger, genetic testing shows that he is a cross between a German Shepherd and a… Basset Hound. Tiny has his own Instagram!
  • Millie the Fat Boxer: Like Tiny, Millie is also DAWG dog. She is our Senior advisor and works hard to maintain her diminishing physique while excelling at her key role in treat testing.
  • Lolly the Boxer: Lolly’s expertise is anything that squeaks, and she puts every ball and toy we test through a rigorous routine to find out if it squeaks, how to make it squeak, and how loudly it squeaks.
  • Suzie the Retriever Lab Cross: Suzie personally approves each product shipment and is a champ at testing new toys, primarily by chewing on them. An avid swimmer, Suzie also frequently quality checks our dog shampoos by needing many baths.
  • Honey the Bichon: Honey takes her duties guarding Woof Hampers HQ very seriously, and valiantly defends us against the constant onslaught of the postal pickups and deliveries.

You can keep up with the antics of the #woofcrew on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.